La Chouette - The French Cider
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La Chouette

From apple to La Chouette…

The story of La Chouette

« La Chouette » – which means “The Owl” in French – refers to the surprising bond between the night bird and French cider.
Traditionally, many farmers in the North-West of France made their own cider with apples from their orchards. In fact, cider was made in barns where owls could often be seen dwelling under the roof.
Thus « La Chouette » has always looked after French cider!

La Chouette unveils part of its recipe

This illustration represents the making process of La Chouette cider in a simplified way.
La Chouette has no added colouring, no added sugar, and is not made from reconstituted apple juice (water + apple concentrate). La Chouette is carbonated when bottled.

Organoleptic properties

La Chouette is a pure apple juice cider at 4.5% alc/vol, naturally gluten-free, slightly fizzy, made by blending various apple varieties, which can be sweet, bittersweet, sharp and bittersharp.This blend gives a complex and balanced aromatic profile: bouteille-lachouette

Shiny golden colour with orange hues.

Elegant aroma with floral and fruity notes.

Fruity flavour, slighty tart with a bitter finish. Subtle caramel hints.


As a crisp and lively drink, La Chouette epitomizes the French tradition of cider making.

Best served chilled at 8°C without ice.

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