La Chouette - The French Cider
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Review of 2018 Food & Drink Awards – November 2018

La Chouette is the Best French Cider of Food and Drink Awards 2018. 

Gold Medal for La Chouette Rosé – October 3, 2018

La Chouette Rosé was awarded the 2nd Best Cider Rosé On 6. 

Voyage à la découverte du cidre par l’esprit déco mag – April 21, 2018

La Chouette Original: le goût, l’authenticité et la tradition en une bouteille. 

Review of La Chouette Cidre Rosé @cidersays – April 11, 2018

A cider blogger tries la Chouette’s Cider Rosé for the first time. 

Silver Medal for La Chouette @ International Cider Challenge 2017

La Chouette cider has been awarded silver in the Sweet Cider Category ! 

Silver Medal for La Chouette @ Asia Beer Awards 2016 – June 22, 2016

La Chouette was awarded the 2nd best cider in Asia!

The French Cider