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Located in the Mont-Saint-Michel Bay, France Cidre Export SARL is a company specialized in exporting high-quality French cider.

La Chouette cider is currently imported and distributed in Hong Kong by France Cidre Export Limited, wholly-owned subsidiary of France Cidre Export SARL.

La Chouette is also available in Asia in Singapore (TSA Wines), in Taiwan (Dévoiler), in South Korea (I-Beer) and in Thailand (Artisan Trading Company).

Our European partners are located in the United Kingdom (London Cellar), in Denmark (Premium Beer DK), in Sweden (Brewery International Sweden AB), in Finland (Lasso Drinks), in Norway (Brewery International SA) and in Switzerland (Amstein SA).

La Chouette is also sold in the USA (Beauchamp Imports).

We are interested in partnership opportunities with importers-distributors in Asia, Europe or the Americas.

As a pasteurized cider, La Chouette is perfectly suitable for long haulage and may be stored for 3 years at room temperature (less than 25°C).

If you are interested in becoming a distributor for La Chouette cider or need further information about the product, feel free to contact us via our online form or via email:

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